Celebrating the art of flagging with Community, Diversity, Charity

9/15/23   What's NEW - Updated Calendar for upcoming events 

We have restarted our flag classes and have more tiedye workshops scheduled.

Catch the NBC News coverage of our Flash Mob and Fountain Flagging

See our gallery of the many flags made at our tiedye workshops - click here

February 18 Flagging in the Desert

Our event was a great success and we raised over $1600 for our charity.

CLICK here to listen to Randy's FITD music set

Randy played an amazing set for t-dance on February 19

Click here to listen to Randy's t-dance set.

Desert Flaggers is a social organization of those in the Coachella Valley interested in Flagging, Poi, or Fans. Its goal is to expand the flow-arts community through common events and activities.


Expand the flagging community through
a wide variety of events
and activities


Open to anyone who wants
to learn the art of flagging


Actively participate in ways to support local charities